Our History

July 2000

The former office manager (4 years) and senior translator and editor (3 years) of the London Financial Times' translation and editorial facility in China form Nanjing Shanglong Communications Co Ltd in July, 2000.

The firm opens its doors with its first steady client, PR Newswire, the world's leading distributor of corporate press releases, providing English to Chinese translation of press releases destined for distribution in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

March 2001

PR Newswire appoints Shanglong as sole translation agency for its new Chinese news service based on creating 20 news briefs daily of market moving corporate news. The translated news items are a regular column in a Hong Kong evening financial daily issued by Finet of Hong Kong.

April 2001

Shanglong becomes the sole news-clipping service translator for Wisers Information Limited, the world's only comprehensive Chinese language news database.

November 2001

Shanglong translates General Motors' 78-page press kit for the January 2002 North American Auto Show.

December 2001

The firm is appointed official English to Simplified Chinese translation agency for PR Newswire's clients in Dec 2001.

March 2002

Tarsus Group plc selects Shanglong to undertake the English to Chinese translation of the special website set up to announce and accept registrations for LabelExpo Singapore 2002. Tarsus Group is a market leader in exhibitions and trade shows.

July 2002

PR Newswire asks Shanglong to expand the Chinese news service to 32 news briefs daily. News briefs translated in real time by Shanglong appear on world-renowned news services and websites including Yahoo! Chinese, Bloomberg, Dow Jones and Factiva.

September 2002

- Shanglong provides English to Simplified Chinese translation of a 16-page marketing brochure showcasing thin films and dielectrics products for Honeywell Electronic Materials. The project includes furnishing the output in Adobe Illustrator.

October 2002

Shanglong establishes Trados Workbench and associated translation memory systems as the foundation of its translation and editorial system.

November 2002

Shanglong is awarded the General Motors press kit project for a second year in a row, and translates an expanded 140-page array of press releases and technical specification sheets.

February 2003

The firm provides the English to Simplified Chinese translation of Grid International, Inc.'s 150-page Management Seminar training manual.

July 2003

In preparation for a series of meetings held by Lodestar Corporation in Beijing with the top executives from China's power and energy sector, Shanglong rushes out the translation of a 32-page PowerPoint presentation and 16 datasheets for the company's entire product range, including printing the datasheets locally and delivering to the meeting location with less than 48 hours notice. US-based Lodestar is a leading billing and accounting solutions provider to the power industry.

August 2003

Following on Grid International Inc.'s satisfaction with the Simplified Chinese training manual project, Shanglong is awarded with the Traditional Chinese translation project of the firm's 175-page Leadership Grid Seminar manual.

September 2003

PR Newswire selects Shanglong as the official translation agency for the firm's new service, the North American Chinese-language circuit, which delivers in-language corporate press releases to over 325 Chinese-language print, online and broadcast media across the United States and Canada. Shanglong inaugurates the service with the translation of a timely news release for the service's first client, Verizon Communications.

October 2003

Shanglong signs a one-year agreement to write from 50 to 80 English language summaries per day drawn from Chinese language news clippings for three major clients of its business partner, Wisers Information Limited.

November 2003

Shanglong produces the 23-page Simplified Chinese language version of GST AutoLeather's new website as part of the firm's name change and relaunch of the site. GST AutoLeather is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of fine automotive leathers and interiors to the world's carmakers.

January 2004

Shanglong is appointed to translate all the documents related to Pentair's acquisition of WICOR Industries prior to the announcement, including news releases, letters to key clients, internal memos to employees and FAQs for managers who need to reply to client and employee concerns. Confidentiality was a key factor in the management of this project. Pentair is a manufacturer of do-it-yourself tools as well as products used in the movement, treatment and storage of water.

February 2004

The firm produces the translation and PDF file version of CommScope's comprehensive presentation brochure. CommScope is a world leader in the design and manufacture of 'last mile' cable and connectivity solutions for communication networks.

April 2004

In preparation for Procket Networks' participation in the Next Generation Telecom in China Forum 2004 held at Beijing's Sheraton Great Wall Hotel, Shanglong translates and provides the desktop publishing for the company's technically complex and detailed data sheets of its major products as well as the presentation documents and flyers to be handed out at the forum. The project includes printing a diverse set of documents amounting to 8,000 pages and delivering to forum managers at various locations under a tight deadline. Procket Networks is a developer of concurrent service routers, allowing companies to use the internet as a highly reliable and scalable network.

May 2004

Shanglong completes the 70-page plus Chinese language translation and localization of the Federation of International Trade Associations (FITA)'s website. FITA's mission is to strengthen its 450+ affiliate associations' role in the fostering of trade between the NAFTA area and the rest of the world. Shanglong is the Chinese to English/English to Chinese translation and localization service provider recommended by FITA to the affiliate associations and their combined 400,000 member companies.

October 2004

Shanglong renews and expands the scope of the agreement with Wisers, increasing the number of English language summaries of Chinese language news clippings to 200 daily. Wisers provides the summaries to a growing list of more than ten clients, all of whom are major financial institutions and Sino-foreign joint ventures.

November 2004

Acting on feedback from journalists, PR Newswire shifts the Chinese News Service from 32 news briefs to 12 lengthier in-depth news articles. These articles prepared by Shanglong’s professional translators can be found on such renowned Chinese-language news and information websites as Yahoo! China, Finet Hong Kong, as well as the online portals of the China Times, ChineseWorldNet.com, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and on PR Newswire Asia’s website in Beijing.

December 2004

With business expanding at a steady rate of between 20 and 25% annually Shanglong moves its staff of professional fulltime translators, editors and support personnel into larger offices in Nanjing’s newly built New World Center on Zhujiang Road, situated in the heart of the city’s “hi-tech” district.

February 2006

Shanglong enters into an agreement with the highly respected Gothenburg, Sweden-based translation firm, SprakGruppen, whereby Shanglong handles all of the firm’s Chinese to English and English to Chinese translation work.

March 2006

Shanglong starts work on its first ongoing cooperative project with SprakGruppen, translating Volvo’s quarterly inhouse newsletter into Chinese for the Swedish carmaker’s many China-based employees.

June 2006

Shanglong provides the English language translation for the Chinese language version of the press and media kit for Omron China, the Chinese subsidiary of the Japanese conglomerate.

July 2006

With a further 20% increase in business during 2005, Shanglong moves into larger offices in the New World Center.

December 2006

Shanglong signs an agreement with Montreal, Canada-based localization firm, New-Global Corporation, and is appointed by the firm as the primary vendor the English/Simplified Chinese language pair.

January 2007

Work has started to flow into Shanglong from New-Global, and among the new projects is the localization into Simplified Chinese of the website, as well as translation of a series of PowerPoint presentations, for US-based manufacturer of power products for fabrication processes, Advanced Energy.

February 2007

Work for another major New-Global client, Ingersoll Rand, starts to flow in, with extensive translations in Simplified Chinese of their employee manuals, texts of speeches given by the CEO and other documentation related to management of human resources at their many China-based facilities.

November 2007

- Shanglong signs an agreement with Paris-based Intelligent Publishing Media and starts providing a weekly series of  English language articles highlighting business activities in China’s pharmaceutical sector by drawing on news and information from the Chinese language media for the publisher’s two websites.

February 2008

- To better serve the ever growing customer base in North America, Shanglong opens a sales office in New York City.

March 2008

– Shanglong provides the English to Chinese translation for several magazine articles published in print technology trade magazines and local newspapers for Paris, France-based printing machinery training software developer Sinapse Print Simulators.

May 2008

- Standard Chartered Bank of Hong Kong appoints Shanglong as the sole translation agency to provide the English to Chinese translation of the weekly set of reports sent to the Taiwan-based institutional investors who have holdings in the bank’s many mutual and hedge funds.

January 2009

- Shanglong translates a series of brochures, PowerPoint presentations and documentation into Chinese for financial software provider Broadridge Financial Solutions, as part of their planned entry into the Chinese market.

July 2009

- Shanglong provides the Chinese language version of the website for the Paris-based luxury French tour operator Luxe French Living.

September 2009

- France’s leading business news and information database provider EDD signs a multi-year agreement with Shanglong for provision of English language summaries of China business news culled from the Chinese language press.

October 2009

- Shanglong provides the translation into Chinese of the full set of instructions, training materials and FAQ documents in connection with the newly-opened Beijing-based customer service center for Flushing, NY-based Firstrade Securities, the leading securities broker serving the Chinese-American community.

November 2009

- New York-based Advanstar Communications signs an agreement with Shanglong for the provision of a weekly series of English language articles highlighting business activities in China’s automotive sector by drawing on news and information in the Chinese-language media for the publisher’s online edition of trade magazine Motor Age.

December 2009

- Shanglong provides the 13,000-word Simplified and Traditional Chinese language versions (32 pages in each language) of the six-language website for Quebec City, Canada-based 4-star Hotel Le Clos Saint-Louis in time for the website relaunch on the first of the new year.

January 2010

- Shanglong translates a series of brochures, PowerPoint presentations and documentation into Chinese for Wall Street-based financial management software provider Axiom SL, as part of their planned entry into the Chinese market.

March 2010

- Shanglong relaunches its website, including announcing the firm's two new services: China Business News and China News Monitoring.

April 2010

- Shanglong localizes into Chinese a key marketing proposal destined for a top Chinese real estate firm for the Soho, New York City-based high-end marketing firm, Seventh Art Group.

May 2010

- Shanglong starts delivering the first installment of the China News Digest, a regular English language news column concerning the solar and electric car business to Sunpluggers.com, a website that had developed a well-earned reputation as one of the authoritative voices on solar energy, electric vehicles and where these two industries are headed.  When Sunpluggers.com decides to exit the business in February 2011, on the basis of the excellent quality of the material during the nine-month collaboration, the chief editor of the website introduces Shanglong to RenewableEnergyWorld.com, a leader in the field, who immediately picks up the news column (see the entry for March 2011 below).

June 2010

Shanglong signs an agreement with US-based multilingual software localization and document translation service provider SimulTrans, to provide their high-end English to Simplified Chinese proofreading services for their more demanding clients.

October 2010

Shanglong undertakes its first job for its new partner, Simultrans: the proofreading and reworking into marketing quality text of part of the Simplified Chinese-language version of the website of one of SimulTran’s key clients.

November 2010

  On the heels of the satisfaction expressed by the SimulTran’s client, SimulTrans selects Shanglong for the Simplified Chinese localization and rendering into marketing quality text of the remainder of the website.

December 2010

Shanglong launches its Chinese-language (Chinese to Chinese) transcription service and handles its first transcription job, a 12.5 hour transcription of construction company client interviews for Ingersoll-Rand.  

In the same month, Shanglong handled Ingersoll Rand’s largest project to date – the translation and localization into Simplified Chinese of the company’s management training program.

March 2011

Shanglong is appointed by RenewableEnergyWorld.com to provide a regular series of weekly articles on the trends in the renewable energy sector in China covering what is happening in solar, wind, biomass and other alternative energies.  The news is collected from various Chinese language news and information websites and databases.  With China such a key player in the renewable energies market and Shanglong's focus on news that has not being covered by the English language media, the news provided by Shanglong reinforces RenewableEnergyWorld’s position as the go to site for knowing what is happening around the world in this key sector.

April 2011

In keeping with clients that target luxury and high-end markets, Shanglong provides the Chinese-language subtitling to the promotional video of 7Circle, an Australia-based architectural design and construction firm providing turn key solutions to moneyed individual seeking to build uniquely designed palatial homes that reflect with the buyer’s personal branding.  The video is aimed at the highest echelons of Chinese society.

July 2011

Shanglong inks a deal with ThomsonReuters to provide 1,000 English-language news summaries selected from the Chinese-language press on a monthly basis.  ThomsonReuters will make this product available to the several hundred thousand institutional investors that subscribe to their professional network.  This service will be a boon to business executives and investors that want to have up to date information on what’s going on at the microeconomic level, down to the province, county and city, and not be limited to the country level news that is available in English.

August 2011

Under a trial agreement, Shanglong provides the first set of full-length English-language news articles covering the renewable energy market in China to Green Packaging Asia, a Malaysia-based trade publication that provides market communications support to the growing network of green vendors and purchasers.  Special focus is given to solar, wind, geothermal and biomass.  News is collected from up to date Chinese-language articles selected from the Chinese-language press and trades  

September 2011

Shanglong provides the Chinese-language version of the website for McCorry Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a major provider of lumber and wood products worldwide.  The rendering into Chinese of specialized vocabulary pertinent to the industry as well as the many exotic tree names and tree types demonstrates Shanglong’s ability to handle projects in almost any specialized industry or segment.

November 2011

Green Packaging Asia expresses satisfaction with Shanglong’s work and enters into a long term agreement whereby Shanglong provides five full length articles per month covering the renewable energy field.

January 2012

Shanglong is hired by World Journal, North America's leading Chinese-language print and online newspaper, to translate from Chinese to English selected articles for submission to the 2012 Ippies award.  The highly coveted award is given in recognition of the best articles produced by the ethnic press in the New York City area.

February 2012

Shanglong is engaged by SPOON, the content agency division of Sweden-based Tidningskomaniet, to edit the Chinese-language edition of Xylem's Impeller Magazine, an online publication focused on water management. 

March 2012

Shanglong provides the Chinese-language version of the website for Illinois-based Web Hosting Pad, a worldwide provider of web hosting services, helping the company extend their reach into China, the world's largest internet market .

April 2012

Shanglong is hired by Capetown, South Africa based high-end jewelry retailer Shimansky Collection, to provide the Chinese-language translation and localization of the company's brochure for its top of the line diamond offering, as the firm extends its retail presence into Asia.

July 2012

Shanglong provides the Chinese-language version of the Richard Attias & Associates (RA&A) website. RA&A is a strategic communications firm providing private consultancy to help corporate and government leaders build their global influence.

August 2012

Shanglong is engaged by Munich, Germany-based Journal International, to provide the Hong-Kong style of Traditional Chinese translation and localization for the inaugural Chinese-language versions of the two luxury magazines, Departures and Centurion, for high-end American Express Platinum cardholders.

February 2013

For the second year in a row, Shanglong is engaged by World Journal to translate from Chinese to English selected articles for submission to the 2013 Ippies award.

March 2013

Shanglong is hired by KGL LLC, a prominent Ulaanbaatar,  Mongolia-based real estate developer to provide the Chinese-language version of their website, as the firm seeks Chinese investors for major residential and commercial construction projects in Mongolia's capital.

June 2013

Shanglong provides the Simplified and Traditional Chinese-language versions of the website for Quebec City, Canada-based French art-deco boutique hotel, Le Manoir d'Auteuil.

July 2013

Shanglong is commissioned by Châteauneuf de Grasse, France-based luxury yacht design firm Francis Design, to furnish the Chinese-language version of their website, in a move to attract affluent Chinese customers.

August 2013

Shanglong is engaged by Perthshire, Scotland-based destination management firm Strathearn Green to provide the Chinese-language version of the brochure for a high-end Scottish castle and countryside tour.