China Business News Service

China News Monitoring and Reporting

A service for trade publishers, news and information databases and industry news websites that need up-to-date original content about China

The ever increasing importance of China on the world stage means that any trade or business magazine publisher, industry news website or market data provider who supplies worldwide coverage and does not offer in-depth insight into what is going on in their industry in China is not presenting the full picture.  Most English language sources only offer highly macroeconomic viewpoints, and may not drill down into or offer any China coverage at all of your niche sector. 

Since 2005 Shanglong has been providing a continuous flow of well-researched and documented articles to trade publishers, industry-specific websites, business news and information databases and market data providers looking to supply their readership with comprehensive information and data on what is happening in their industry in China.

Shanglong scours the Chinese language press including newspapers, trade publications and databases for the latest news about your industry including macro- and microeconomic trends, trade statistics and activities of the main players and provides in-depth English language summaries or articles of the key information of interest to Western business executives and investors. 

All content is edited and polished by a qualified editor who is a native speaker of English as a last step in the quality assurance process.  Articles read as if originally written in English.

We can customize the content, format and frequency to your needs.

A partial list of clients:

Advanstar Media’s Motor Age Magazine
Green Packaging Asia

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your China business news project.

Liu Yuanyuan, Director of Operations