Why Choose Us

Ten reasons for choosing Shanglong for your Chinese to English or English to Chinese translation and localization needs

There are many companies out there vying for your business. We'd like to point out the reasons for considering Shanglong for your Chinese to English or English to Chinese translation and localization project:

1 - Trained by the professionals
Our CEO, Director of Operations and senior translators are all "graduates" of the London Financial Times editorial and translation facility set up in Nanjing in 1997. Under the rigorous training of the British newspaper's staff and the strict adherence to their editorial guidelines, our translators are well versed in the most current English and Chinese terminology across all industries and sectors. Whether your document is a public company financial statement or the technical manual for a to-be-released software package, you can rely on Shanglong to use the appropriate terminology in creating your translated document.

2 - The editing is just as important as the translation
We take pride in our three-step translation and editing process. Besides the actual translation followed by the proofreading and correction undertaken by the proofreading editor, all translations are then handed off to a polishing editor, chosen for his or her excellence in the writing and composition of the target language. The polishing editor's job is to render the document into a smooth flowing, easy-to-read document, as if the document had been originally created in the target language.

3 - Chinese <-> English translations are our area of specialization
We deal only in Chinese to English and English to Chinese translation, localization and conversion services. We leave the other languages to the experts in those countries and markets. By focusing on this language pair, we can offer the highest quality service in this one area. We invite US- and European-based multi-language translation firms to contact us to discuss using our services to fulfill their client's Chinese language needs.

4 - Advertising, marketing and public relations materials are our specialty
Our firm was appointed as one of the official Chinese language translation agencies for PR Newswire, the world's largest distributor of press releases. Under their guidance, we are now the premier translation house for advertising, marketing and public relations materials. Please look to Shanglong to render your marketing document into the vibrant Chinese of today, while remaining faithful to the original and taking any and all cultural sensitivities into consideration.

5 - We keep up to date with the most current terminology
In the fast-changing environment of the 21st century, language is evolving at even faster rates, with new terms being created in every field and industry daily. Dictionaries and databases are a necessary part of the arsenal of a translation house; however, sole reliance on these tools will produce outdated and frequently incorrect translations, as dictionaries and databases can never be updated fast enough. Whether it is the name for the latest wireless technology, or a new financial instrument, we check each and every new term on the web for the most current usage as well as for the most apt use in context.

6 - When it comes to IT translations, it pays off that some of our translators are geeks
The programmer/translators on our staff keep abreast of the latest developments in technology. Not only can we provide the most accurate and up to date translations for any technical document, we can supply the translation and create the file for any GIF, JPEG, animated graphic, JavaScript, Flash or other graphic document containing embedded text.

7 - Fast turn-around
We understand your need to work to deadline and will work with you to assure timely delivery of high-quality documents. Our team of translators and editors is split into a day-shift and a night-shift, guaranteeing timely handling of your project, including two-hour turn-around of up to a 400 word document any time day or night.

8 - All of our staff are full-timers
We do not employ any part-time staff, nor do we rely on people who work from home, and we are one of the very few firms in China to do so. All of the staff work in our office, are full-time and are given a salary package with full benefits. This assures our ability to maintain the consistent high quality of our work and the confidentiality of the project being worked on.

9 - We customize and work to your schedule
Many clients have come to us with special needs and requirements. We take pride in going out of our way to adjust our time schedule and workflow to your needs. Don't hesitate to call us with your special requirements.

10 - No mechanical translation
At no point in the work process do we employ any form of mechanical translation.  Mechanical translation can never successfully replace humans in a sophisticated intellectual process such as translation.  Use of such tools even as an assist can mislead translators and result in incorrect translations and poor quality of work.

A true "one-stop-shop" solution
In addition to translating and localizing your website or document, we can return the file in html for instant placement on your website, in any one of many desktop publishing programs including QuarkXPress, PageMaker, FrameMaker, InDesign, Acrobat (PDF) or Illustrator for convenient handling by your printer, or, for clients who need the printed documents for a presentation, trade show or other use in China, we can undertake the printing and delivery of the documents for you, managing the translation project for you from beginning to end.

We look forward to speaking with you concerning your Chinese to English or English to Chinese translation and localization project.  Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Liu Yuanyuan, Director of Operations